Monday, December 21, 2009

Yet Another Breakfast Sandwich

Good morning! I woke up at 7:30 to move my car, and at 10 am just finally ate (well, am eating). Chatting online with the bff can be very distracting! =P I made another sandwich, this time a little bit different. Tune in later today for my dinner post! I guess it's not really tune in . . . more like, check your Google reader or whatever feed you use =)

2 fried eggs, cooked in hotel butter (awesome, you should make it! it's literally softened butter, fresh parsley, garlic, salt + pepper rolled into a little sausage shape in plastic wrap and refrigerated until firm). YUM. A little lean turkey browned, some light Swiss onion cheese, tomato, salt + pepper. Super simple, incredibly filling. To make it even healthier, bare bread, no salt, and skip the turkey. Do egg whites in your have problems with cholesterol! Trust me, having the eggs cooked up in the parsley and garlic and then a sprinkle of parsley over the tomatoes is amazing.