Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Chicken Burritos!

Quick, simple, tasty, healthy, and fresh! What more can you ask for? This would be great with beef, pork, fish, or grilled veggies as well ^_^

Chicken Burritos
  • flour or corn tortillas, heated over the stove top to soften them up
  • meat, shredded or chopped . . . I did enough for 2 people, 5 small chicken drummers
  • guacamole
  • cheese
  • dob of sour cream
  • great additions: rice, beans, veggies
If want to mix it up, these can be made using a fried or baked corn tortilla to make a tostada; you can also make tacos. 

    Step 1, boil chicken. I seasoned my water with Louisiana chicken wing seasoning
    Step 2, shred or chop your chicken (without the skin)
    Step 3, assemble with your amazing additions . . . I made guacamole to go with, so good!


    daisychain said...

    I've never had a burrito, they dont seem common over here..I might have to experiment :)

    Healthy and Homemade said...

    Burritos are amazing!! =) Definitely give them a shot, just use quality ingredients or it will probably taste like crap.

    Lyn said...

    salivating over here! mmm I need to make those asap! too bad I already ate dinner.. tomorrow after work yummmm!

    JMay said...

    This looks so tasty!!! I'm starving right now, maybe I will make this for dinner :-)

    Jen said...

    this burrito is extremely drool-worthy :)