Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Treats for a Foodie

Today I went grocery shopping with my mother, we went to North Park Produce and Fresh n Easy (same shopping center). I needed more extra virgin olive oil because I only had about a 1/4 cup left. I was watching something on Hulu and learned that Spanish olive oil is apparently the best, I had no idea. They do tastings of olive oil there, just like you would with wine. I figured if it was that good then I simply must buy some! North Park Produce only had Moroccan olive oil, the shelves were pretty bare =( I'm excited to try the Moroccan oil though, sounds exotic. I also grabbed a bottle of Rachael Ray's balsamic drizzle. I've made my own and it tastes amazing, but it makes the ENTIRE apartment smell so strongly of vinegar that is stings your eyes and makes you cough up a lung. Sad and unfortunate.

We popped on over to Fresh n Easy to get cheeses, ground beef, bread, and more treats. I went to the oil aisle and saw Spanish olive oil! I danced around and proudly showed my mom what I found. I was like a dog with a dead pigeon in it's mouth. I also purchased a large bottle of regular olive oil for sauteing, as well as (gasp!) white truffle oil! I was so happy with my little finds. I've wanted truffle oil for some time now but it's pretty pricy. This bottle was $7, which I happily paid. For Father's Day my aunt is hosting a wine tasting party and she said we were encouraged welcome to bring food for appetizers. Sticking with the Italian theme I have decided on bruschetta. I picked up four loaves of Italian baguette, a container of mascarpone cheese, and plenty of tomatoes and basil. I plan on my dish being everyone's favorite, how could it not be with the addition of truffle oil??

Being the weirdo I am, my thoughts constantly revolve around food whether it's what I'm going to cook next or some ingredient I've been obsessed with finding. I know, I'm sick. There is truly something wrong with me. No one should enjoy food this much. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go chug a bottle of olive oil. Buon appetito!


Nicole Arnold said...

I am loving your blog!  I seriously LOVE food!  Which is why I must workout daily or I'll get as big as a bus! lol..  I rather eat all the yummy things I want and workout then have to give up everything I love for a diet.  Blah!

Healthy & Homemade said...

You are so funny! Thanks so much. I need to work out more, I love food too darn much =P