Friday, March 15, 2013

Firmoo Glasses!

I was contacted by recently, and was excited to learn more about the company when I heard they sold glasses and sunglasses. Here in sunny California I can't go a day without sunglasses, but I never spend the money to get good quality glasses. Firmoo offers your first pair free, you just pay for shipping. If you don't like the glasses you can exchange them, or get a refund. 

My new glasses arrived at the perfect time, because my super cheap new pair had just broke. It wasn't an issue of the lens popping out, the side of my sunglasses actually broke off. It was tragic. When my sunglasses from Firmoo arrived I was happy with the packaging. I received a hard case, a soft pouch, and an eyeglass repair kit. The hard case is nice because when my sunglasses get put in my handbag they get smashed and tossed around. I'm hoping the hard case will help prevent future scratching, and smashing. The hard case is also super lightweight which I appreciate since my purse already weighs about 5000 lbs.

I have to say that the glasses I chose are totally not something I would go for normally. I always reach for aviators, but I thought these glasses looked sort of vintage. Plus I think they're on trend so maybe I look cool wearing them? Overall I love the glasses, mainly because they stay on my face without falling down. I really don't have a particularly small face or nose, but glasses always without fail fall, not slide, off of my face. I'm convinced my husband wears them when I'm not looking and stretches them out. I got these glasses with the darkest brown tint, since I don't actually need prescription lenses. They work great as sunglasses because the tint is dark enough to shield my light eyes from the sun, but I still feel like I can see clearly. They don't darken everything while I'm driving, I just feel like my eyes are protected and I don't have to squint. 

The customer service was great, and shipping was fast. I received these glasses in a week, which was great timing, I was due for a new pair of sunglasses. I chose this style frame, with the C3 coloring. I love the coloring because it's a hint of the tortoise shell but the top and sides of the frame are just plain brown. 

I'm definitely happy with my new glasses, head on over to Firmoo's website if you're looking for nice and affordable glasses!

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