Monday, September 23, 2013

Mommy Mondays Week 21

It's hard to believe I am officially more than halfway through my pregnancy! I really feel like time is flying by, although I doubt I'll feel this way when I'm huge. I've watched a ton of Vlogs on YouTube, and I love the way women answer the same questions every week about their pregnancy. I've decided to pick a few to answer. Because I'm starting out a little later, I'm going to skip things like gender (she's a girl), morning sickness (already had it), and whether or not I'm in regular clothes (trust me, I've definitely outgrown them). I will also include a belly shot every week, they're so much fun!

How many weeks: 21

What fruit/veggie is baby: carrot, 10.5 inches long and 3/4 lb.

Movement: only flutters here and there, my anterior placenta blocks the movement

New symptoms: horrible stomach pain due to eating a bean tostada. Note to self: lay off beans, cabbage, broccoli, or anything else in the family. Not worth the pain.

Cravings: pretty much same as always: burgers, Taco Bell, cereal with lots of milk

Sleep: still great, just need a pillow between my knees to keep me on my side

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: sometimes I get paranoid because I don't feel her moving. I got out the doppler we bought, and I found her heartbeat right away. It was 155 and loud! The strongest I've been able to hear it at home. Music to my ears.

Looking forward to: feeling her move, and really knowing it's her

In addition to the weekly pregnancy updates, I've decided to keep track of our spending for the next year and 5 months. I want to know the true cost of raising a baby in the first year! I will not include doctors bills, because those vary for everyone. Hubby and I are not changing our cost of living. Baby does not equal newer bigger cars, or a brand new home. We are content in our lifestyle. I will include the cost of my baby shower in a separate post, and not in the total. Mainly what will be included will be clothing, toys, diapers, wipes, furniture, etc. We will not be paying for childcare, so that does not factor into our budget. I'm curious to see how much baby girl is going to cost us! So far I've spent $50 on Zulily, and still awaiting the shipment. Sigh.

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