Monday, October 21, 2013

Mommy Mondays Week 25

I think it's safe to say this was the best week ever. No work, all play. It was just what I needed. I want to see my husband, friends, and family more. I also want to cook and blog more because I really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to November. Work will be slow, the weather will hopefully cool down, and I can just focus on being healthy for baby and cooking up a storm!

How many weeks: 25

What fruit/veggie is baby: rutabaga, 13.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs.

Movement: Still a ton during the day. Her kicks and punches are getting stronger, my stomach moves a lot more when she's active. Daddy still hasn't felt her move, but I'm hoping this will be the week!

New symptoms: tingling in my ankles when I'm trying to fall asleep. I'm not sure if this is restless leg syndrome, but it's definitely annoying. It's hard to relax at night and fall asleep because I'm thinking about how uncomfortable my legs are. Also my back has been hurting lately, right in the middle. I need to find some good pregnancy stretches on Pinterest. 

Cravings: milk, oranges, ice cream, Taco Bell, soup

Sleep: sleep this past week was great because I took a week off from work! There was no stress, no alarm going off at 6 every day, and I could take naps without it affecting my ability to fall asleep early enough. Then the weekend comes, and it's like my body knows I need to rest before the work week. Instead, I wake up 15 times a night to pee, eat, or flip over. 

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: pretty much the entire week! Having 4 solid days with my hubby, sleeping in and staying up late some nights. Not having to cook or clean, and lounging at the pool all day Wednesday. The sweet birthday cards and presents I received from loved ones, and going out on Friday night with a group of friends. Although it was weird to be carded, I'm pretty sure I was older than the guy checking IDs . . . And being 6.5 months pregnant at a line dancing bar is officially awkward. But it was fun! :)

Looking forward to: the ultrasound on Friday! My doctor wants to be sure I don't have placenta previa, so we get to see our little sweet pea again. Hopefully all goes well, I'm honestly just excited to see her and see how big she's getting.

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