Monday, November 4, 2013

Mommy Mondays Week 26 on repeat

We found out from the doctor last week that my ultrasound confirmed my due date is February 11th, so it's been pushed back a week. I'm sad because it means I have to wait longer to meet my little one, and she might be a valentines baby! I don't know why that bothers me, I just don't want any holidays to take away from her special day. 

When they originally moved my date up a week, I didn't know why. I figured they were just going by my cycle date, but even then I would have been due in January based off that. The doctor said my fundal height is 23-24; so I'm measuring small, but normal, for how many weeks the baby is. It could be that she's a little baby, or that she was in a position where she wasn't taking up as much space. Either way, I'm fine with her being smaller rather than larger. I'm terrified of delivering a 10 lb baby. Mainly because I'm already up 18 lbs, and being a week behind means I've gained just a little more than I "should have" at this point. From here on out I'm going to eat better. All those late night Taco Bell trips in the first and second trimester are starting to catch up to me.

How many weeks: 26

What fruit/veggie is baby: hothouse cucumber, 14 inches long and 1.75 lbs.

Movement: a lot. It's very consistent too. So far my husband and my brother have felt her kick. Although my hubby sees my stomach moving like crazy after we eat dinner. It looks like she's doing flips in there. 

New symptoms: last night I had this pain in my stomach, my mom said it was probably heart burn or the baby pushing on something. It felt like a tight pain, right around my belly button. If I bent over it hurt more, but then it went away. I never got that acidic/burning feeling up in my throat, so I think baby girl really was pushing on something that made my stomach hurt and tighten up.

Cravings: Mexican food. We had some on Friday night as a cheat meal, and then I felt like crap. Lesson learned. 

Sleep: it has been so much better, I can't even believe it. Taking a bath or shower at night is really helping. It relaxes my legs and takes away any back ache. Then I'm out like a light, and only get up one time to pee at night.

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: when she goes nuts and starts moving a ton, that's the best thing. I love watching my stomach bounce around and see all the places she's kicking and punching.

Looking forward to: planning my baby shower! It's in about four weeks, and I'm ready to start planning the decorations, the food, the favors, games, etc!

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