Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mommy Mondays Week 28

Hubby and I are currently in Las Vegas until tomorrow, and I completely forgot to set an alarm to remind me to post. I should have typed this up before we left and scheduled it, but my pregnancy brain has me feeling pretty air headed lately. This past week seems to have flown by, and now I'm officially in the third trimester! I can't believe how fast time flies, I must be having too much fun. I really do enjoy being pregnant. It's worth the aching back, throbbing feet, tummy troubles, itchy stomach, and headaches! Just to feel Isla move and see her grow every week is such a miracle. Seeing my husband get more and more excited every week is the sweetest thing. I know once she's here his heart will melt. Can't wait to meet her. 

How many weeks: 28

What fruit/veggie is baby: Chinese cabbage, 14.8 inches and 2.25 lbs

Movement: Definitely getting stronger kicks. I had a freak out moment where it was almost noon and I hadn't felt her kick much at all, and she's normally active in the morning. I had something cold and sweet to drink. Laid on my side. Poked my belly. Did everything to get her to move. Later that day she was going nuts. It was just a lazy morning for her, but it was terrifying for me!

New symptoms: back aches and sore upper abs

Cravings: nothing in particular 

Sleep: wasn't the best this past week. I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep most nights 

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: not sure about the best, but I can tell you the worst. My levels were too high for my glucose screening, and now I have to go back for the three hour test! Yuck! Also my husband has been home for a week straight now, it's amazing. I can't wait until baby is here and we're both on leave from work and get time together. It will be totally different, but it's still time with my guy!

Looking forward to: my baby shower! It's time to start getting everything together. The food, the decorations, the games, prizes, etc. It's a lot to do, but I have help which I'm very grateful for!

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