Monday, December 23, 2013

Mommy Mondays Week 33

I can't believe I'll be full term in only four weeks! That's just insane. I remember being so anxious to make it past the first trimester, I feel like it was just yesterday. Now we're getting closer and closer to baby actually being here. I feel like I have no time, that I'm not prepared and never will be because there isn't enough time! Our Christmas tree has no presents under it, I never even put out the nativity scene, and I haven't baked a single cookie. This hasn't been the merriest of holidays, but I'm looking forward to having Christmas day off and New Years day too. 

Once it's January I'll be on a modified work schedule until I'm out on maternity leave. So luckily I'll just be working five hour days, which is really exciting! I won't have to work long enough to take a lunch break, I won't have to sit in traffic to and from work, and hopefully it will help keep the swelling down. I got home from work Friday and I was in so much pain I couldn't even bend to take off my shoes or pants to get into pi's. My hubby had to help me, and then he pointed out my legs. They looked awful. I had a massive indent where my socks were and my feet looked really chubby. Guess it's time to slow down, my body is starting to get pissed at me.

How many weeks: 33

What fruit/veggie is baby: pineapple, 17 inches long and 4.25 lbs

Movement: there is a lot of movement as usual. Baby is head down with her body on my left side and her back facing up toward my belly. So I normally get kicks right underneath my chest, and punches on my right side. She's been doing this thing where she straightens out, I can tell because my stomach will look lopsided from her little arm or leg just sticking straight out and it gets really hard where her hand or foot is. It's the funniest thing.

New symptoms: So much nausea, and Zofran helps the nausea but doesn't help in the tummy department. I feel like every day it's something new. There is now so much pressure that I'm starting to waddle around like I've been kicked between the legs. Sexy, I know. It's not all the time, but gets worse when I'm at work or I've been walking too much.

Cravings: bean anything. Bean tostadas, bean and cheese burritos, basically just bland stuff.

Sleep: not the best. Laying on my side is difficult because now the baby is so big I feel like I'm squishing her when I'm on my side. My back is honestly the only comfortable position, but of course you aren't supposed to sleep on your back when you're pregnant. So I just try to get comfortable with as many pillows as possible.

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: having a double date night with some of our best friends. We ate pizza at BJ's and it was so amazing. I may or may not have eaten 90% of a pizookie all by myself. And I wonder why I've gained so much weight!

Looking forward to: our 4D ultrasound! We get to see baby girls face on Friday and I just can't wait. I get nervous, I know she's in there but it's nice to have visual confirmation. I can't wait to see who's features she has, and if she has any hair!

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