Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mommy Mondays Week 36

Oddly enough week 36 wasn't too crazy or eventful in terms of my pregnancy. Overall it was a rough week. After a long battle with cancer my uncle passed away on Friday January 10th, he was 49 years old. He was my favorite uncle and seeing him struggle has been difficult over the past year and a half. Today was the service to honor his life, and it was absolutely beautiful. I didn't know if I would be able to make it today, due to a little labor scare. 

I can write more about it in next weeks pregnancy update, since it just started on Monday. Basically I made it an hour and half at work on my last day before I had to go to L&D. My contractions were 4 minutes apart, they weren't particularly painful but I wasn't feeling too great. Turns out I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Since then we've been back to L&D once more per my doctors request, but things have slowed way down. For now baby is still cooking away but now we're anxiously awaiting her arrival.

How many weeks: 36

What fruit/veggie is baby: crenshaw melon, 18.75 inches and 5.75 lbs.

Movement: tons!

New symptoms: nothing new for the past week, just a lot of pressure and frequent Braxton Hicks

Cravings: not too much of an appetite this past week actually

Sleep: okay overall, definitely waking up a lot more now

Stretch marks: none

Rings on/off: on

Best memory of the week: crafting! I feel so silly saying that, but I've had so much fun decorating the nursery. I got the letters up above her crib and I made her mobile, I'll share a picture of that below.

Looking forward to: labor! Real labor. I'm writing this a little late, had I written it on Sunday like I usually do I probably would have said looking forward to maternity leave. Now that I'm on maternity leave and I've had a little taste of what labor will be like, I'm just ready to get into it and get it over with!

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