Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dining Room Reveal

When we originally viewed our house, the previous owners had the dining room painted tan with a dark brown accent wall. The crown molding was an off white color with little paint splatters on it. I saw so much potential and the thought of having a formal dining room was a definite plus. I say now that that room is finished, but I know I'm never really finished with a room. I'm so excited to share the changes we've made, so even though things will probably change in the future I'm happy with it right now.

This is what the dining room looked like for the past seven months. The table was tiny, walls were bare, and the only item with any style were the curtains. Here is what we have for now:

I love how it turned out, it feels so warm and inviting. It's great being able to seat six people at the table now, plus there's room to pull up a couple of extra chairs when we're having a big brunch or dinner. Can we just take a minute to check out the table? I really wanted a table that could seat 8-10, but when we were offered a table for free we couldn't turn it down! It was a bar height table with a leaf that can seat up to six. The table was black-brown wood with a few heat stains on the top, and it came with the two wooden chairs that were bar stools. We did a complete overhaul and I am in love with the results. It basically included cutting the legs down to make the table and chairs standard height, painting the table, building a plank top, and recovering the seats. It was a big project but so much fun! I will definitely blog about it in a separate post. Actually, I want to break down each project in the dining room into separate posts: table and chairs, the bench, the Expedit/Kallax doors, gallery wall, coasters, and the crate on the table. I have been loving DIY projects lately, and I'm so excited to finally share them with you!

As you can see I've been busy! We are getting AC installed this week, and since I'm not able to do my regular cooking and cleaning routine I'm trying to take advantage of the extra time to blog a bit more. Hopefully you enjoy the home decor style posts, there will be a few more to come this week.

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