Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Decor and Mini DIY

We bought our house last year, and moved in right before Thanksgiving. I didn't decorate at all. The most I did was pull out the tiny fake Christmas tree we had and I slapped on some ornaments, nothing fancy. This year I'm definitely having so much fun decorating the house! I kept meaning to post this sooner, but I kept buying more stuff to decorate with. Now that's it's been at least a week since I've changed the decor, I figured it's time to share what I've done. Warning! Lots of pictures to follow!  I won't write a whole lot about everything, it's all pretty self explanatory. My biggest source of fall decor was Michael's craft store and reusing items I've had for years. Hope you enjoy!

Let's start with the dining room. I added a burlap runner to my table and made a centerpiece. I already had the tray, the candlestick, the pumpkin, the leafy garland, and a few Christmas ornaments that fit in perfectly. All I added was a little acorn and pumpkin from Hobby Lobby, two tea lights from Michael's, a few faux leaves from Michael's, acorn potpourri, and a sparkly black candle. The black and gold pumpkin was a fun and easy DIY I'll share at the bottom of the post.

For our table setting I kept it really plain with bronze-brown chargers, a couple of plates, and a couple of faux gourds to go on the salad plate. I would really love gold silverware for the holidays, but that won't be happening this year. I love how rustic it looks with these pretty chargers and the burlap runner.

I made a burlap bunting to hang on the DIY chalkboard I made out of an Ikea frame. This is something I have seen all over Pinterest, and I figured since I already have the chalkboard making the little banner would be easy. I'm glad I tried it out, because I think it's so adorable.

I kept the decor on my buffet pretty simple. I already had the owl, large pumpkin, the basket, and the green plants. Those little craft pumpkins I picked up at Target for $4 each, and I spray painted the stem of the white one copper.

I have a lot of counter space in the kitchen, but I do cook 2-3 meals a day so I didn't want to clutter up my workspace. I took an old tray we already had and made a little fall decor display. Everything is from Michael's, except the jar which I already had and the tea light inside the glass holder is from Ikea.

If you remember my DIY crate from this post, I've actually been using it to store apples. I think it's super cute compared to our standard fruit bowl, and it's just an easy way to store fruit on the counter.

I installed these open shelves a few months ago and I've kept the fall decor to a minimum. I added a white pumpkin, a few brass owls, and this leaf watercolor picture that I painted. I saw a tutorial for it on Pinterest, and I love the way it came out. It's not even on real watercolor paper, but it's holding up nicely and hasn't faded yet. The tutorial is on Vivian Swift Blog, I found it through Pinterest.

The living room was incredibly easy to decorate! I swapped out our bright spring pillows for all neutral pillows from Ikea, then I swapped out the framed prints for new ones. I replaced some of the prints with sparkly leaves that were leftover, I made two watercolors that I framed, and I printed out a couple free printables from Pinterest.

This flower and pumpkin basket was so much fun to make! The basket was $9 at Michael's, then I bought two bouquets of faux flowers, and a bunch of faux pumpkins. I arranged it all to make this gorgeous neutral fall display. I love that it's not overly bright purple and black like a lot of fall decor I see. That's just not my thing, I really prefer soft neutrals in the fall and winter months.

For our guest bathroom I literally took all of the decor that was leftover and shoved it all on this shelf. A little odd, but it's fun when you walk into the bathroom because you smell the potpourri and the pumpkins sparkle nicely under the lights.

My entryway is teeny tiny but I still wanted to decorate. I made a wreath out of burlap and a wire hanger, and the rest of the decor is from Michael's with the exception of the wire pumpkin which was $1 at Target.

The front porch is self explanatory. It's not a space we've put much time into. Eventually I want to build a railing for it, and I would love to put a wood plank top over the concrete. The concrete is pretty beat up and ugly looking. The pumpkins and flowers are from Michael's and Hobby Lobby, the planters are from Ikea.

And now for a couple of quick DIY's! I took an old jack-o-lantern that I got on clearance from Kohl's years ago and gave it a face lift. I wasn't loving the orange and green anymore, so I just updated it using spray paint. I love how it turned out. All I did was turn it around, but for Halloween I might go ahead and switch it on so it looks like our dining table has a black jack-o-lantern.

Another super easy DIY used a couple of LED candles from Ikea and leftover burlap and faux leaves. Ikea has a great price on these candles but honestly they're pretty ugly on their own. I just cut a piece of burlap to wrap around the candle, placed a leaf over that, then used twine to tie it on. Couldn't be easier, and nothing is glued on so it will be easy to remove the decoration when fall is over.

I hope you enjoyed my fall decor tour! I didn't decorate every room in the house, but it still feels like fall around here. Especially when the weather is cooler and I have a pumpkin apple candle burning!

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