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This blog started off as my way to share healthy vegan recipes. Soon that became healthy vegetarian recipes; later, semi-healthy recipes sometimes containing meat. That quickly spiraled into a long list of recipes including butter, red meat, potatoes, heavy cream, and all things delicious.

Now here I am posting recipes that are generally under 400 calories a serving and simple to prepare. The story goes, I got married, got to cooking, and after a while got chubby! I shot up about 25 lbs thanks to this blog my unhealthy habits, and needed to make a change. I started a diet where everything was fresh, never processed, dairy free, wheat and gluten free, and the list goes on. It was difficult but I never felt better, and I had never been so thin!

I'm back to eating a little less healthy than I should, and I'm not quite as thin although I do keep myself more accountable. This blog is an outlet for me to share these crazy recipes I come up with that use cabbage instead of noodles, and flax seed instead of breadcrumbs. My hope is that I can inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle without risking something as basic as genuinely enjoying their food. Now that I'm a full time mommy to my precious daughter Isla, I'm making family friendly meals more often. These aren't always the healthiest, but they're quick and easy and generally very affordable. I cook every meal with love and passion for the joy of it, and to keep my husband and daughter well fed!